While moving forward on time

Today, due to the rapid spread of performance art documentation, specially through networking systems, we can acknowledge a worldwide community interested in producing art projects that find their places directly in mundane reality.

What can performance art do?
How does context and landscape influence local and international artists and what does become their goals when practicing and presenting performance art?
How does local and global phenomena manifest themselves through performance art?

This film documentary aim to research on how performance art festivals and programs, in specific communities worldwide, are bringing attention to their local issues and what are the strategies applied to communicate and debate with the international community. By visiting 5 continents and approximately 18 cities in different countries, the film documentary will gather site and context responses to specific problems that can be analyzed in their differences and commonalities. All data will be recorded in video, combining live performances, interviews, round tables and lectures. The assemblage of these materials will facilitate the understanding of local phenomena in relation to a global knowledge, and how performance art can open doors to the discussion of such issues.

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