A Century-Old Prosthesis So Advanced Even an Expert Thought It Was Fake

Fonte original: http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/a-century-old-prosthesis-so-advanced-even-an-expert-tho-1520134020 _____________________ In our quest to rid the world of fun and joy, we’ve done a number of posts fact-checking viral images. Sometimes we’ll come across an image that just doesn’t smell right, and enlist the help of experts to determine its authenticity. And sometimes, even the experts aren’t quite sure. That was … Continue lendo

Wer ist schon perfekt?

First mind-controlled bionic leg a ‘groundbreaking’ advance

Fonte original: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/first-mind-controlled-bionic-leg-groundbreaking-advance-8C11257732 ___________________ Barbara Mantel NBC News Video: Zac Vawter lost his leg in a motorbike accident. He is now part of a ground breaking research study testing a thought controlled bionic leg.   After losing his lower right leg in a motorcycle accident four-and-a-half years ago, 32-year-old Zac Vawter has been fitted with … Continue lendo

DIY Headphone Implant

Fonte: http://hplusmagazine.com/2013/06/24/diy-headphone-implant/ __________________________________________ This idea was completely inspired by @Saumanahaii ’s thread here: http://discuss.biohack.me/discussion/252/subdermal-bone-conduction-headphoness#Item_32   First, the idea is based on this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Invisible-Earphones/ The project is set up like this: 1. implant magnets 2. test implants with coil to make sure audio is picked up 3. implant coil/other parts w/transdermal jack & power charger Having stuff … Continue lendo

The aesthetics of prosthetics: Kevin Connolly at TEDxBozeman

Kevin Connolly was born in Helena, Montana in August of 1985. Born without legs, Kevin was otherwise a healthy baby and grew up like any other Montana kid; getting dirty, running in the woods, and getting dirty some more. Now, Kevin wants to take you into his world…