Your life

A VIDA QUE VOCÊ ESCOLHEU // YOUR LIFE from oruminante on Vimeo.

Prosthetic instruments create music through body movements

Fonte original: _______________________________________ by Olivia Solon A team of researchers from the Input Devices and Music Interaction Lab (IDMIL) at McGill University has developed “prosthetic digital instruments” which look like spines and ribcages and can be worn on the body to create music. The instruments have been developed over three years by designers — … Continue lendo

War is obscene, not my body

Lo no sé quien sea el artista, pero creo que sea fabuloso! “La iglesia dice: El cuerpo es una culpa. La ciencia dice: El cuerpo es una máquina. La publicidad dice: El cuerpo es un negocio. El cuerpo dice: Yo soy una fiesta.” VENTANA SOBRE EL CUERPO – Eduardo Galeano