Because we renounce the bill that would ban and criminalize the eyeball tattooing in Brazil

A brazilian congressman Mr Rogério Mendonça Peninha (PMDB-SC) wrote a bill seeking to prohibit and criminalize the eyeball tattooing in Brazil, providing penalty for bodily injury. The arrest of the offender may vary from 6 months to 1 year. We are talking about the bill 5790/2013 which had its first appearance on June 19 of the year 2013 and in September of that year passed by the Commission on Social Security and Family (CSSF), receiving approval by the vote of the rapporteur, Mrs Gorete Pereira (PR-EC).

Nowadays this project is ready to tariff on Commission on Social Security and Family (CSSF), as shown by the website of the Chamber of Deputies, and it still must go through the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJC).

Thus, the Frrrk Guys – entity with international scope, founded in 2006 and aims for information, defense and citizenship’s promotion of the people connected with the practices of body modification – in partnership with GESMC – Study Group Body Modifications – organization of national scope, founded in 2014 and aims to studies of uses and also practices of body modification – hereby vehemently repudiate the bill 5790/2013.

We are preparing a letter to be sent to Mr Peninha, prompting the filing of its bill and together we’re collecting signatures through a petition in Avaaz. Click on the link below, sign and help spreading.

We need the help of international body modification community. This bill is a violent attempt against the human rights, and mainly, the supposed rights that we must have above our bodies.

This bill is wrote with basis on wrong information and without any scientific research. It’s important to everybody know that part of brazilian body modification community is supporting the bill and also the congressman.

We really do believe this bill is a first step to control our bodies (even more), to criminalize our pratices and to ban all kind of extreme body modification.

We need your help.


Thank you,
T. Angel

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