Yo, también hablo de la rosa

INTERMEDIARY: I listened to my heart beat all afternoon. I finished my tasks early, so I sat here, quietly, looking out with blurry eyes, listening to my heart as it beat gently against my breasts, like a cautious lover knocking to come in, or a chick pecking at the walls of its egg, trying to move out into the light. I began to imagine my heart… [She brings her hand to her breast]… a sea anemone... intricate, delicately colored, tucked away in its cave, na eficiente, highly methodical organismo devoted to the task of regulating endless distances of crepuscular canals, some wide enough for royal gondolas, others barely wide enough for rowing vegetables and food to Market by the slow stroke of the oars… all of them pulsin regularly, in order. Locks open and close to the rhythm of the complicated commands of the ever-powerful flower of the heart. and then I thought… what if all the hearts in the world were to beat at once? but more of that later. I thought of the air too… It smelled of smoke and stale food… but I was like a fish, sitting in my chair submerged in the air. I could feel it against my skin. I could feel its currents brushing on me, like petals of the anemone – air that beats and circulates.
(Da peça “Yo, también hablo de la rosa”, de Emilio Carballido)

via Luiza… vias exercícios… ❤

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